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Social Media Marketing – Interact, engage, connect!

Social Media is the key to listen, engage and build relationships; and social media marketing is what helps you in this game of connecting. SMM as we refer to it as is a technique to target social networks and spread brand awareness. It is a promotional process for products and services.

What is it that makes Social Media Marketing this essential?

We are in an era where social media is become an online diary. Everyone has access to it and no one wishes to miss out on it. Such is the presence of social media in our lives. This naturally ends up giving an excellent competitive edge to social media marketing. Organizations have the provision of reaching masses through this. One might skip a meal but not a day without logging into social media. Everyone wants to be informed on what is going around; this curiosity makes social media even more essential.

Social media marketing – The heart of digital marketing

Digital marketing helps you reach customers digitally; and social media marketing, effectively companions you in this effort. Digital marketing helps one promote products and services online; whereas social media marketing helps in bringing people together for exchange of information. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn play a vital role in this.

Facebook – An open book!

Keeping up with friends is faster and easier with facebook. News feeds, posts all of it play as pillars of promotion. A large number of purchase decisions happen on FB. Millions are influenced and prospects turn into customers on this media day in and day out. Hence this serves as one of the best platforms for promotions. Facebook page visits are increasing by leaps and bounds; this has given optimum branding to most organization.

Instagram – When pictures speak!

Have a new launch? Post it. An event happening? Capture and publish. This is what instagram is all about. It is an online album that serves as a visual treat for your followers. A diligent effort in maintaining the same, not only improves your course of promotion but also builds your brand credibility.

LinkedIn – Connecting millions!

Your organization trust quotient is highly built through LinkedIn. Professionalism is its star factor. This platform helps you promote products/services/events. LinkedIn embraces a heavy pool of talent and organizations, hence serves as an advantage when it comes to reaching a larger audience.

Twitter – Come let’s talk!

Conversations have become crispier and interesting from the time twitter has pitched in. Audience engagement is at its best through this medium. Chirp your thoughts and opinions pop in. This caters as one of the best platforms to promote and brand your products and services.

Social Media – The marketplace for promotions

Social media has gained great momentum in the current times. Social media marketing hence is in the most trending. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating that SMM efforts increased the traffic to their websites. Social media has an access to about 70% of the global audience therefore this is one of the best modes to tap the market and get your thing done.

Social Media Marketing – Important and inevitable!

Social media marketing helps you tell your stories better. Want to know how? Peep down!

  • Larger section of the audience can be reached
  • Content on social media is fresh and new, hence it keeps the audience interested
  • Social media helps you build curiosity among your customers
  • Reviews talk better. Hence your brand credibility gets a boost
  • People will not know about you, unless you tell them. What can be a better way to meet them other than social media!
  • Interactions on social media give a one-to-one interaction scope.
  • Social media marketing fosters reaching your customers sooner with a personal touch.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff u make, it is about the stories you tell; and social media marketing is that magic wand which helps your story become The Best Seller.

Happy Marketing!

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