Animation Certification Program

(Become a Animation Expert)

Modules Covered
Introduction to Animation | 2D Animation | 3D Animation
Story Telling | Conceptualization | JFP

Animation Certification Program

Animation Course Highlights

We Provide 100% Placements for Freshers and Working Professionals

120+ Hours Classroom Training

We provide 80% Practical and 20% Theoretical Training


15+ Modules Covered

Learn from Basics to Advanced level


6+ Designing & Prototyping Tools

Get experience on how to use the tools


Joint Film Projects

Form your own team and share your individual ideas to create the project


Build World Class Portfolio

Create world class portfolio according to industry standards


8+ Certifications

Be a Certified Professional in the industry

Our Course is Designed For

Freshers, Working Professionals, Freelancers, & Entrepreneurs
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Working Professional

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Animation Course Curriculum

6 Levels & 20+ Modules Covered in Animation Certification Program
  • 12 Principles in Animation
  • Physics and Gravity in Animation
  • Actions and Emotions
  • Body Mechanics
  • Basics of Story Structure
  • Staging
  • Cinematography
  • Moodboards
  • Storyboard Creations
  • Adobe animate
  • After effects
  • Premier pro
  • Adobe audition
  • Modeling to 3D Motion Graphics: Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Rendering: V-Ray
  • Digital Compositing: Adobe After Effects
  • Dynamics : Autodesk maya
  • Crowd simulation : After effects
  • Group Project
  • Perfection
  • Presentation

2D & 3D Animation Tools

Learn 8+ Free and Paid Animation Tools

Live Projects and Case Studies

Work on Agency Live Projects & Live Campaigns

Student Will Work on Our Agency Projects
Create your own portfolio that will act as a resume. All the live projects, certifications, and tools will be showcased on the portfolio


Create Marketing and Promotion plans for existing projects
We will be providing templates for preparing Animation Designing proposals. Monthly reports and performance templates


Students will develop their own Animated Projects
Students will be developing their own Animated Projects according to their requirement and industry standards


Work on multiple Domain in the Industry
Work on 5 different industry domain projects in the trend and understand the Clients requirement


Students will learn to create World Class Portfolio
Learn to create the World Class Portfolio to meet the current requirement in the industry


Students will be given Individual Projects to work
Work on Animation Projects Indiviually and gain experience in the subject

Animation Certifications

8+ Digital Marketing Certification in One Program
Want to learn Animation from Scratch. Digital Academy 360 offers a comprehensive course that trains you on all aspects of Animation & Multimedia to make you job-ready. While Animation is the process of Designing, Drawing, Making Layouts and preparation of Photographic Sequences which are integrated in Multimedia and Gaming products. With Digital Academy 360’s Animation course, you will learn end-to-end trends, techniques and aspects of Animation.
Students will get to create and build their own portfolio and develop Projects on multiple platforms. We strongly believe that students who complete the course with good grade marks will be almost equivalent to a one-year experienced Animator. The outcome of the course is to be a Certified Animator by completing Animation Certification Program. Still in doubt? Go through the list of modules below for more details on program.


    DIGITAL ACADEMY 360 ( 8 Certifications )

    1 Certified in Photoshop

 1 Certified in Illustrator

 1 Certified in After Effects

 1 Certified in Maya

 1 Certified in 3Ds Max

 1 Certified in Golem

 1 Certified in Arnold

 1 Certified in V-Ray

adobe certified associate
  2 Certifications

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