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Key Highlights Of Automation Testing Certification Courses

Learn Automation Testing in Indiranagar from basics to advanced level with industry experts at Digital Academy 360. Get hands-on experience with live projects and expert mentors. Join our community and discussion forum to expand your network. Also, prepare for interviews, build a successful resume, and develop a portfolio to become a certified Automation Tester and get placed with our 1000+ hiring partners. Online marketing classes, recorded video lectures, case studies, and live projects- we use all to deliver best-in-class Automation Testing course material taught by eminent academics and business titans in Indiranagar.

Automation Testing in Indiranagar FAQs:

All You Need To Know

Industry Growth

The global automation testing market is expected to reach $28.8 billion by 2024.

Career Growth

The demand for automation testing professionals is projected to grow by 18% between 2019 and 2029. Read More

In-Demand Trends

Agile methodologies are widely used in automation testing, with 71% of organizations adopting Agile practices. Read More

In-Demand Skills

Selenium is the most popular automation testing tool, used by 36% of organizations.

Automation Testing refers to the practice of using software tools and scripts to perform tests on software applications, eliminating the need for manual intervention. It involves the execution of predefined test cases, comparing expected and actual results, and automating repetitive and time-consuming testing processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Software testers play a crucial role since businesses are always eager to provide high-quality software. The demand for automation testing is increasing because the DevOps technique, which is being embraced by many businesses, places further emphasis on automation. The demand for automation testers in 2019 was extremely high, with 16,955 positions posted on Indeed, 30,705 on Glassdoor, and 5,580 on LinkedIn

Our Automation Testing programs in Indiranagar cover various aspects, starting with Front-End, Back-End, and Databases. You would learn skills such as using automation testing tools like Selenium or Appium, programming languages like Java or Python, automation frameworks like TestNG or JUnit, web technologies like HTML and CSS, test case design and management, test data management, continuous integration, and DevOps principles, and test analysis and reporting. Our courses offer extensive training in the testing domain. You will get hands-on exposure to working with real-time automation testing tools, such as Apache Maven, Cucumber, Katalon, TestNG, Jenkins, SoapUI, Jira Software, and more.

While the average salary for an automation tester depends on the individual’s performance and expertise, the pay package for freshers can range anywhere between ₹4 Lac to over ₹8 Lac per annum. Once a professional gains 4 to 5 years of experience, he or she would easily be paid ₹15 Lac per annum and even more. The pay packages differ for the varied job positions and the performance of the individual, but overall a reasonable salary is afforded to all Automation Testing professionals. At Digital Academy 360, the average pay package that our alumni have enjoyed is ₹5 Lac per annum. The highest salary package of a student we placed was ₹9 Lac per annum for a fresher. That is why we take pride in our delivery of automation testing training in Indiranagar.

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Soft Skill

Learn the appropriate presentation tactics, soft skills, and body language to become a well-rounded professional.


Mock Interviews

Use several levels of mock interviews to prepare for all interview rounds and questions.


Portfolio Building

Create a unique portfolio with critical projects to show your potential to employers and customers.


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Get a job with a strong Automation Testing CV that highlights your experiences, and skills.



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