The Power of Influencer Marketing in the Digital Age

AUGUST 13, 2022


When Maybelline wanted to bring awareness to their new product, Falsies Push Up Drama mascara, they turned to Instagram to promote the beauty product. They collaborated with beauty accounts on Instagram, run by regular people with huge followings. In a short time, these influencers promoted Maybelline's product and increased the beauty brand's media value and in-store engagement. This type of social media marketing is called influencer marketing , which is all the rage now.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Consumption and marketing trends evolve, but one trend that will remain constant forever is consumers' dependence on each other to make purchasing decisions. As social media continues to escalate, brands are reaching out to social media influencers to market their products. Influencer promotion is a two-way road; it helps influencers expand their followers and companies increase their engagement and sales.
One often assumes celebrities and influencers are the same. However, unlike celebrities, anyone with a considerable social media following can be an influencer. While celebrities are usually artists or sports players, influencers range from fashion bloggers to famous wildlife photographers. Influencers are regular people with a solid reputation, reach, and online presence. They form a personal connection with their audience, conversing with them and answering their questions.
Subsequently, their followers view them as experts in their specific niches and adopt a lifestyle similar to theirs, including testing and purchasing products they promote or use on their accounts.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing in the Digital Age

Influencer marketing is a rising marketing trend in the digital age, expected to amass $7.14 billion by 2024, compared to $4.99 billion in 2022. Consumer patterns influence brand strategies, and the consumption landscape has significantly transformed with the increase in social media use. According to reports, social media usage worldwide will reach six billion by 2027. As social media takes over every aspect of one's digital life, content creators have found new ways to build an audience and create a solid online presence.
Modern-day influencer tactics have replaced conventional strategies that rely on in-person promotion. Instead, the new marketing methods involve creating TikToks, Instagram reels, YouTube vlogs, starting blogs, and live streaming. Social media influencer marketing believes in putting a personal spin on product promotion.
Research shows that over 45% of internet users purchase items based on influencers' suggestions. Therefore, brands partner with micro- and macro-influencers to boost brand engagement, increase awareness, and broaden their audience base. Social media influencers are professionals at working social media platforms and garnering huge followers, allowing companies to diversify their reach from small and medium-sized enterprises to established organisations.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Businesses

Influencer promotion tactics are excellent ways for businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. It helps them improve their marketing techniques, achieve goals and set new ones, increase performance, enhance productivity, and attain their objections effectively and cost-efficiently. Furthermore, it allows them to expand their consumer base while maintaining their current audience.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Increases Brand Awareness

Modern marketers use influencers to boost their services to increase brand awareness. A company's brand awareness sets it apart; brand awareness is a firm's unique label and mark. Influencers market products and tell their followers about the brand's history, vision, origin, and values, building a personal connection between the company they promote and their followers. Learning about a brand's story pushes consumers to reach out to the company, boosting its brand image.

Improves Your Content Strategy

Churning fresh and innovative content is challenging, especially in a fiercely competitive environment. However, when you cannot produce engaging content, you can always count on social media influencers to give you a leg-up. Influencer marketing trends are fresh and unique.

Since influencers rely on audience interaction to maintain their online presence, producing new and exciting content is second nature. Connecting with social content creators helps you re-evaluate your marketing strategy. Working with creators who share your vision enables you to create unique, resonating, creative, and aesthetic content.

Budget-Friendly Strategy

Financial management is integral to running a successful business. You want to create the best content but within the allocated budget. Instead of onboarding multiple people on your team, such as writers and graphic designers, influencers offer you everything you require—a platform, content, and audience.

How to Effectively Integrate Influencer Marketing into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you have found the answer to "What is influencer marketing?" and understood how it is vital for your business, the next step is implementing it into your marketing tactics. The two most effective ways of integrating influencer strategies into your business plans are:

Brainstorm Ideas Together

Social media influencers might give you a platform to promote your services, but the effort put into promoting them will include you and the influencer. Influencers know how to reach out to their target audience and keep them engaged. Therefore, having an influencer on your team allows you to learn from them and use their ideas to create content your audience will appreciate and gravitate towards your brand. The key to creating content together is sharing your goal and vision with the influencer, and in turn, they design fresh and shareable content that connects with them and your audiences.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Should Feature Your Services

A sure-shot way to promote your brand is by asking an influencer to share your products on their social media accounts. For instance, you could send them a sample of your product that they would tweet on their Twitter account. Alternatively, they could create an Instagram post thanking you for the freebie. Many influencers also post reels or short videos trying your product and tag you in them, effectively bringing attention to your brand and online presence.

How to Measure the Success of an Influencer Marketing Campaign

More than simply implementing influencer strategies is required; you must also ensure they are working their magic. Influencer marketing campaigns are successful when you can check the following factors off your list:

Your Goals and Objectives

Before featuring your product on an influencer's page, you discuss your goals and objectives with them. There are specific goalposts you wish to attain with this collaboration, such as better performance, driving-in engagement, improving brand awareness, or increasing social media followers. Therefore, if the content created by the influencer aligns with your vision and helps you achieve your goals, you can consider it a resounding success.

Monitor Brand Engagement

Another way to track the marketing campaign's success is by monitoring your brand engagement metrics. Keep an eye on the engagement chart of your social media posts, such as the likes, comments, retweets, and the number of times users have shared them.

Flexibility and Agility

It would be best not to view your marketing strategies as restrictive. A crucial way of measuring your campaign's success is opening the doors for new tactics. For instance, if an influencer marketing strategy is not working out, you can change gears and try a different method. You can switch your objectives, track conversions, or contact another content creator for fresher ideas.

Case Studies of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

While there is no shortage of influencer campaign success stories, the two most prominent examples are Cuts Clothing and Audible.

Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing, a clothing brand that makes shirts, lowers, and hats, aims to provide clothes that adapt for all situations, from working as formal clothes during meetings to being comfortable enough for casual wear. The brand worked with micro-influencers to expand the creators' audience and increase their clothes' awareness on social media, especially TikTok. Like Instagram influencer marketing, TikTok is another rising platform for companies and content creators.

For its campaign, Cuts worked with TikTok creators and decided to release two monthly videos centred around different products, from limited editions to holiday collections. The TikTok influencers began by promoting Cuts' clothing on a trial basis and, subsequently, moved on to become the brand's ambassadors as the engagements increased. After the TikTok campaign, Cuts noticed a 10% increase in brand engagement and generated over $120 CPA.


Audible, Amazon's platform for podcasts and audiobooks, constantly works with content creators on various platforms to feature their products, such as YouTuber Dylan in Trouble, as a part of their YouTube influencer marketing. Similarly, famous photographer Jesse Driftwood mentioned using Audible in an Instagram post. Despite having less than 100,100 followers, his followers displayed constant and high engagement levels with his content and photos. Upon Driftwood's Audible recommendation, over 80% of his followers switched to the audiobooks and podcasts platform.

Tips for Businesses to Get Started with Influencer Marketing

If you want to venture into influencer promotion, look no further! Influencer campaigns take companies to great heights and help them boost their engagement, image, and awareness. "What is influencer marketing?" is an easy question to answer, but getting into it is even easier with the following steps:

  • Set your goals and objectives, such as brand awareness, conversion, reputation, and website engagement.
  • Who is your target audience? Every organisation has a different target audience; find yours.
  • Pick the right social media platform.
  • Connect with content creators who share your vision and resonate with your mission.
  • Brainstorm campaign briefs.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing has come a long way. Despite having undergone a significant evolution, it is still constantly transforming. The internet is a regular part of everyone's life, and digital marketing uses it to promote products and services. Influencer marketing, a recent development in digital marketing, allows brands to bring awareness to their products by working with established accounts on social media, with a decent online following and dynamic social presence.