Content Writing Certification Program

(Be a Content Writing Master)

Modules Covered
Learn all forms of Content Writing, WordPress Website Designing and Soft skills
From Industry Experts

Content Writing Certification Program

Content Writing Course Highlights

We Provide 100% Placements for Freshers and Working Professionals

54 Hours Classroom Training

We provide 80% Practical and 20% Theoretical Training


16+ Modules Covered

Learn from Basics to Advanced level


6+ Tools to help your writing

Get experience on how to use the tools


2+ Live Writing Assignments

This will help you gain experience in an actual corporate working environment


5+ Top Industry Case Studies

Get new Ideas and Strategies which help to elevate your Brand


1 Content Writing Certification

Be a Certified Professional in the industry

Our Course is Designed For

Freshers, Working Professionals, Freelancers, & Entrepreneurs
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As a fresher looking forward to your career path, Digital Marketing is the next step that you should take. Digital Marketing is the future for anyone looking to enhance their resume. It is the current need in the marketing world. Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and will be an added advantage for anyone pursuing a career in any industry.


Upgrading the business and bringing it on to the Digital Platform is what every Entrepreneur is looking for, but how to get someone to do the job for you? Well, as an Entrepreneur knowing what is going on in your business is very essential and to know how your business is doing online is even more important. Learning Digital Marketing is going to help you track and analyse everything that is happening, on your website, social media, your ads and a lot more.


As a Freelancer, your responsibilities are vast, it is 24*7 round the clock task, but why stick to 9 - 5 jobs, when you can be much more. Learning Digital Marketing allows you to work from the comfort of your home at your time preference, you can work with clients of your choosing, and any niche of your choice. And what’s more, is that Digital Marketing is very much in-demand be it a permanent position or freelance one.

Working Professional

Everyone is always looking for ways to upgrade themselves and enhance their knowledge. As a working professional, it has become even more important to upskill yourself in this competitive industry. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world. By learning Digital Marketing, you can improve your skills and become better and open up for more opportunities for yourself.

Content Writing Course Curriculum

5 Levels & 20 Modules Covered in Content Writing Certification Program
  • Introduction to Content Writing  
  1. Essentials of Writing
  2. Grammar (Punctuations, Sentence formation, Difference between American & British English and Common errors)
  3. Tone & Its types
  4. Style & Its Types
  5. Difference between Digital Content & Offline Content
  6. Structure & its types
  7. Layout Guide
  8. Word Count vs Character Count
  • Understanding the Writing Cycle
  1. Pre-Write
  2. Draft
  3. Write
  4. Edit
  5. Publish
  6. Research and its Importance
  7. Readability VS Searchability
  • SEO & its Concepts  
  1. Introduction to Search Engine
  2. What is SEO
  3. Basics of SEO
  4. Keywords & its Importance
  5. Keyword Research
  • WordPress & Website Development  
  1. Domain & Hosting
  2. Website Planning
  3. WordPress Website – Practical
  • Creative Writing
  1. Types of Creative Writing
  2. Ghostwriting
  3. Script Writing
  4. Dialogue Writing
  5. Fiction Writing
  6. NaNoWriMo
  7. Wattpad
  • Article Writing
  1. Types of Articles
  2. Styles of Articles
  3. Article Publishing Platforms
  4. Book Reviews
  5. Newsletter & Magazine Writing
  • Research Writing
  1. The flow of a Research Paper
  2. Structure Flow of a research paper
  3. Article vs Research Papers
  • Scientific Writing
  1. The flow of the scientific paper
  2. Scientific Poster
  3. Scientific Writing vs Research Writing
  • Blogging  
  1. Tips for Blogging
  2. Types of Blogs
  3. Article vs Blog
  4. Pillar Page
  5. Blogging Platforms
  6. Blogger


  • Copywriting
  1. Tips & Techniques
  2. Web Copywriting
  3. Google Ads Copywriting
  4. Product Descriptions
  5. Taglines, Punchlines & Slogans
  6. Strategies


  • Social Media Content Writing
  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Meme
  6. Strategies


  • Email Writing 
  1. Structure 
  2. Marketing Mails
  3. Business Mails   (Leave Request, Relieving Letter) To Be Added
  4. Email Etiquettes
  • Web Content Writing 
  1. Tips for Web Content
  2. Types of Websites
  3. Guidelines & Safe Fonts
  4. Content Analyze Tools


  • White Paper Writing
  1. What is a White Paper
  2. Structure
  3. B2B White Papers
  4. B2C White Papers
  5. Tips & Techniques


  • Press Release
  1. How to write a Press Release
  2. Structure
  3. Uses


  • Testimonial & Case Studies 
  1. What are Testimonials  
  2. Why and How are they used
  3. What are Case Studies
  4. Structure
  5. Types of Case Studies
  6. Importance
  • Technical Writing 
  1. Resume Writing
  2. Grant Writing
  3. Medical Writing
  4. Proposal Writing
  5. Writing a cover letter
  6. User Manuals
  7. Landing Pages
  8. Logo software
  9. Cover page designing – Canva


  • E-book & Self-Publishing 
  1. Structure, Format & Layouts
  2. Platforms for Self Publishing


  • Content Marketing & Strategies 
  1. Strategic vs. Non Strategic Content
  2. Permanent challenges in creating effective content:
  3. Broader structure for creating content for social media
  4. Creating and promoting brands   with strategic content
  5. Segmenting markets
  6. Understanding the target segments
  7. Road map to create strategic content
  8. Maslow theory of human needs adapted to content strategy
  9. Porter’s 5 force model 


  • Getting Hired  
  1. Websites for Content Writing Project
  2. Writing Proposals
  3. Using Hourly Tracking Software
  4. Setting up Milestones 
  5. Payment through ESCROW
  6. Withdrawing Dollar amounts through Paypal

Content Writing Tools

Learn 10+ Free and Paid Content Writing Tools

Live Projects and Case Studies

Work on Agency Live Projects & Live Campaigns

Student Will Work on Our Agency Projects
Create your own WordPress website that will act as a resume. All the live projects, certifications, and tools will be showcased on the website


Live Projects Assignments on daily basis
Work on assignments in all the topics in multiple niches for an all-round experience.


Develop their own websites and promote Online
Students will be developing their own WordPress website according to their requirement that will help promote their work online


Work on multiple Domain in the Industry
Work on 5 different industry domain projects in SEO, Social Media, Google ads and understand the bidding and auction insights


Learn the art of Digital Writing
Learn how to write content for online platforms that will help you upskill your career and earn money from home


Create Proposals and Templates for Publishers
We will be providing templates for preparing proposals to send to publishers to become an author

Content Writing Certification

1 Content Writing Certification in this Program
An art of writing for online readers, bring brands to life. All that we read on the world wide web today is content, but what do you think is the backbone of this content. It is the grammar that saves it all! The realities of content writing are way far from what one thinks it actually is. Before you dive into a content writing career, it’s important to know the facts that make you a great content writer. Content in an umbrella term under which different forms of content writing submerge. May it be blogging, or creating a book, every aspect that contains text and visuals that gives away information to a reader is known as content.



    Content Writing Certification Program


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