Executive Program In Animation Design (6 Months)

First Executive Program in India to Offer Extensive Animation Design Program with Industry Standard Training and 100% Placement Assistance






4.8 / 5


Executive Program In Animation Design (6 Months)

First Executive Program in India to Offer Extensive Animation Design Program with Industry Standard Training and 100% Placement Assistance






4.8 / 5

About Course

About Executive Program In Animation Design (6 Months)

The aim of this course is to expose the students to 3D character animation. This course will prepare the student for the challenges faced by animators in the entertainment industry. Students are introduced to the principles of animation with examples from renowned animation films. The student shall also learn the basics of rigging a character or prop in 3D. Lectures cover the application of 3D tools in animation, film, VFX and game industries. The student shall understand the core concepts of blocking the shots, keyframing and polishing the animation. Throughout this course the
student shall work on several projects ranging from animation basics, object animation, character animation and acting sequences. The student shall also acquire skill sets to create and showcase an animation demo reel and also learn to work coherently in a production environment

Program Highlights

Course Duration:

7th Dec, 2020

Learning Mode:

Online / Classroom Training

Live Projects:

Level of Learning:

Basics to Advanced


Weekdays: Mon - Fri 10 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 5 PM

Course Highlight

Modules Covered
Modules Covered
18+ Modules Covered in Executive Program
Top Instructors
Top Instructors
2+ Industry Experts from multiple domains
Paid Tools
Tools of the Trade
Master cutting edge software used in the industry
Live Projects
Learn Body Mechanics
Add personality and flair to your character animation
Case Study
Portfolio Development
Create your art portfolio or demo reel in Animation
Proven Curriculum
Learn Industry Relevant Skills from professionals
Weekly Assignments
Weekly Assignments
Assignments on various domains with personal critique
University Affiliation
University Affiliation
Certified PG Program Jain (Deemed to be University)
Job Notifications
Lifetime Job Notifications
Get notifications through LMS on monthly basis
Career Support
Career Support
Personality Development & Soft Skill Training
Dedicated Mentor
Dedicated Mentor
Dedicated mentor will be assigned to every learner
24/7 LMS Access
Learners will get the best learning management system

Live Project & Case Studies

Digital Academy 360

Gear up your skills

Foundational 3D education across multiple areas of study with a focus on tools, concepts, and pipeline
Digital Academy 360

Production style training

Project based learning with industry standard assignments and weekly reviews
Digital Academy 360

Animate like a pro

animation pig
Create amazing CGI animation according to the latest trends and technologies in the entertainment industry
Digital Academy 360

A comprehensive approach

A comprehensive approach
Curriculum, coursework and projects are geared toward providing students with industry relevant skills
Digital Academy 360

Learn art disciplines

Learn traditional art and design skills along with digital tools and applications
Digital Academy 360

Showcase your skills

Showcase your skills
Develop and hone the necessary skills and create a winning portfolio/demo reel

Why Learn Online


Top Instructors

Each trainer at Digital Academy 360 has 5+ years of industry experience.


Interactive & Practical

Focus on hands-on, problem-based tasks that ensure practical learning.


Attend from Anywhere

Learn from anywhere with just a laptop & an internet device in one go.


Auto-class Recordings

Missing classes is not a possibility, & revising your lessons a lot easier.


One on One Doubt clearing

Interact with trainers online and schedule doubt clearing sessions


Lifetime Updates

Get Access to the revised content for a lifetime & continue to sharpen your skills.

Course Program

1. What is Animation Production?
2. Understanding the animation production pipeline
3. Careers in Animation Production
4. Film analysis

1. Animation history overview
2. Traditional tools of Animation
3. Art appreciation
4. Animation in India
5. Art styles in India
6. Animation styles

1. The nine old men
2. Squash and stretch
3. Anticipation
4. Staging
5. Straight ahead action and pose to pose
6. Follow through and overlapping action
7. Slow in and slow out
8. Arc
9. Secondary action
10. Timing
11. Exaggeration
12. Solid drawing
13. Appeal

1. Overview of Maya interface, Menus and Shelves, Channel box, Attribute editor
2. Perspective and Orthographic views
3. Customising the interface
4. Creating and setting a project
5. Manipulating 3D primitives
6. Viewport navigation and transformation tools
7. Assembling primitives
8. NURBS basics
9. Polygon basics

1. Introduction to Rigging
2. Understanding animation Constraints
3. Using Deformers
4. Node based rigging
5. Math based rigging
6. Joints and Skeleton setup
7. Efficient Skinning Techniques
8. Quick rigging process
9. Creating iconic controls
10. Cleaning up and finalizing the Rig

1. Time slider and playback controls
2. Creating keyframes
3. Set and edit keys in the channel box
4. Set driven keys
5. Using the auto key feature
6. Muting the animation
7. Disabling and enabling keyable attributes
8. Setting keys across multiple frames
9. Motion path animation
10. Object animation

1. Overview of the graph editor
2. Editing keys in the graph editor
3. Cutting, copying, and pasting keys between scenes
4. Types of Tangents
5. Editing Tangent weight
6. Breakdowns and in-betweens
7. Non-linear animation
8. Geometry caching

1. Understanding the requirements
2. Interpreting the camera shots
3. Blocking the action in the layout
4. Understanding animator intentions and character actions
5. Timing the shot

1. Understanding the poses in a walk
2. Blocking the walk
3. Forward contact point
4. Backward contact point
5. Passing poses
6. Recoil poses
7. High and low point
8. Polishing the walk

1. Understanding the poses in a run
2. Blocking the run
3. Forward contact point – straight leg
4. Backward contact point – straight leg
5. Down and up poses
6. Passing poses
7. Push
8. Polishing the run

1. Working with Animation layers
2. Motion path animation
3. Trax editor
4. Camera sequencer
5. Geometry caching
6. Cached playback
7. Match poses with re-locators
8. Remapping animation
9. Baking and exporting

1. Understanding anatomy and physiology
2. Learning from observation
3. Importance of arcs
4. Using video references
5. Adding personality to animation
6. Integrating storytelling in the shot
7. Quadruped walk cycle

1. Efficient staging techniques
2. Understanding composition
3. Animating physical shots – jumping, crawling, climbing etc.
4. Anticipation
5. Overlapping action
6. Appeal and exaggeration
7. Quadruped run cycle

1. Acting basics
2. Animating emotions
3. Upper body gestures
4. Facial arcs
5. Hand movements for storytelling
6. Adding secondary action
7. Blocking a two-character shot
8. Polishing the two-character shot

1. Phonemes and Visemes
2. Understanding dialogues and narratives
3. Using video references
4. Importing the audio file
5. Blocking the lip sync
6. Timing and spacing the shot
7. Polishing the lip sync
8. Acting beats and phrases
9. Balancing body language with facial expression

1. Preparing the files for rendering
2. Hardware, software and vector rendering
3. Camera setup for rendering
4. Diagnosing quality of render
5. Color management
6. Rendering stills
7. Render layers and passes
8. Batch render: Rendering image sequences
9. Working with fCheck utility

1. What is compositing?
2. 2D and 3D layers
3. Working with text layers
4. Working with shape layers
5. Color grading
6. Rotoscoping
7. Camera tracking and match moving
8. Precomposing footages
9. Using Matte paintings
10. Exporting to various formats

1. Identifying an area of interest
2. Planning a demo reel
3. Creating an art portfolio / demo reel / showreel
4. Do’s and Dont’s in a demo reel
5. Exporting the demo reel
6. Creating an artstation profile to showcase portfolio

1. Object animation
2. Semi-real animation
3. Abstract animation
4. Character acting animation

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Course Certificates

Jain University Certificate
Jain University Certification
Digital Academy 360
Digital Academy 360
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Adobe Photoshop Certification

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