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    About Course

    About Skill Diploma In Digital Marketing & Analytics (5 Months)

    6 Specialisations in One Program. Learn Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Content Writing & Graphic Designing.

    We introduce the Skill Diploma Digital Marketing Program after consulting 100+ digital marketing industry experts. The program curriculum is designed according to the latest industry requirements. To meet these high standards, students at Digital Academy 360 will learn digital marketing from Basics to Advance level and fundamentals of the remaining topics will be covered, relevant to the digital marketing industry.

    As per the current industry standards, companies are looking for candidates who are not only good in digital marketing but also have enough knowledge in WordPress Website Designing, Content Writing for Digital Marketing and Designing Creatives for digital marketing. To meet these criteria, we have introduced a 5 Courses in One Program which includes Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Soft Skills & WordPress Website Designing from Basic to Advance level and work on an agency based live projects.

    Program Highlights

    Course Duration:

    5 Months Programs

    Learning Mode:

    Classroom / Online

    Level of Learning:

    Basics to Advanced Level


    Weekdays: (Mon-Fri) 7.30AM to 9.00AM 10:30AM to 1PM 6:00PM to 8:00PM

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    Course Highlights

    Modules Covered
    Modules Covered
    100+ Modules in the Skill Diploma Program
    Top Instructors
    Program Instructors
    10+ Industry Experts from Multiple Domains
    Paid Tools
    20+ Digital Marketing Paid and Free tools are covered
    Live Projects
    Agency Live Projects
    5 Live Projects and Paid Campaigns
    Case Study
    Case Studies
    10+ Top Industry Based Case Studies
    20+Certifications in Skill Diploma Program
    Weekly Assignments
    Weekly Assignments
    Work on various domains & projects regularly
    Job Notifications
    Job Notifications
    Get notifications through LMS every month
    Career Support
    Career Support
    Personality Development & Soft Skills training
    Dedicated Mentor
    Dedicated Mentor
    A dedicated mentor will be assigned to every student
    24/7 LMS Access
    24/7 LMS Access
    Learners will get the best management system
    University Affiliation
    Become Job Ready
    Kickstart your career as a Digital Marketer

    Live Project & Case Studies

    Agency Live Projects

    Website Development

    Learn to create and develop a static CMS website using WordPress. Build a website as your resume, freelancer or for your own business. Buy Domain, Hosting and launch your site.
    Agency Live Projects

    Work on Live SEO Projects

    Student WiWork On Agency Projects
    Learn SEO from basics to advanced level and implement on live projects. Know how to rank a website on top of google search engines. Work on real-time SEO Projects.
    Agency Live Projects

    Run Paid Campaigns

    Understand Google Ads in detail the bidding and auctions. Run paid search network campaigns and implement real strategies. Get a glance at clients' campaigns.
    Agency Live Projects

    Organic Social Marketing

    Create social media profiles and business pages. Learn to generate organic likes, traffic and leads to business. Create Social media calendar for 5+ Projects on various domains.
    Agency Live Projects

    Paid Social Campaigns

    Be a social media strategist and planner. Choose the right campaign according to clients' requirements. Create live campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and generate advanced reports.
    Agency Live Projects

    Strategy & Planning

    The most important thing in Digital Marketing is strategy and planning. Learn from agency professionals on how to prepare the best Digital Marketing plan for any business.

    Why Learn Online


    Top Instructors

    Each trainer at Digital Academy 360 has 5+ years of industry experience.


    Interactive & Practical

    Focus on hands-on, problem-based tasks that ensure practical learning.


    Attend from Anywhere

    Learn from anywhere with just a laptop & an internet device in one go.


    Auto-class Recordings

    Missing classes is not a possibility, & revising your lessons a lot easier.


    One on One Doubt clearing

    Interact with trainers online and schedule doubt clearing sessions


    Lifetime Updates

    Get Access to the revised content for a lifetime & continue to sharpen your skills.

    Course Program

    • What is Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Possibilities
    • Traditional Marketing & Its Disadvantages
    • Advantages of digital medium over other media
    • Customer Persona
    • Market Research – Primary & Secondary
    • Digital medium in today’s marketing plan
    • What is Marketing?
    • Importance of Marketing
    • Principles of Management
    • Types of Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Business Communication & Information Systems
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Marketing Channels
    • Understanding buyer persons
    • Selecting the right targeted audience
    • What are Keywords
    • Types of Keywords
    • How to choose the best format of keywords
    • Manual keyword research method
    • Tools to do keyword research
    • Keyword research competitor analysis
    • Short-listing the best performing keywords
    • Keyword research reporting
    • Introduction to Websites
    • Difference between Website and blogs
    • Importance of Websites
    • Pre-requisites for a website
    • Elements of Website
    • Website Layout Planning
    • Building a wireframe for the Website
    • What is Domain, Sub-Domain, and Hosting
    • What are TLD’s and Domain Extensions
    • Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting
    • Learn how to build a responsive website using WordPress
    • Learn how to navigate through tools inside the WordPress Dashboard
    • How to find the right theme and plugins for building a WordPress website
    • Understand how to troubleshoot using WordPress tools
    • Master Elementor Page Builder
    • How to customize themes to build websites
    • How to secure your WordPress website from hackers
    • How to use Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress
    • Understand the architecture of website
    • Learn to draw website wireframes
    • Get the understanding about website functionalities and usability
    • Colour concept of website
    • Design elements of website
    • Spacing & Readability concept
    • All about domain, hosting & building 1st website
    • How to analyse what keywords helps you drive traffic to your website
    • How to research for best performing keywords and how to use them on your website
    • Understanding how to effectively rank your website on Google and Bing
    • How to use Backlinks effectively to boost your organic presence
    • Learn effective ways to increase your website speed
    • How to improve the average time that users spend on your website
    • How to make your mobile-friendly to leverage traffic coming from Mobile devices
    • How to analyse and understand how search engines work
    • MASTER the Google Search Console configuration
    • Learn how to optimise Google My Business for local businesses
    • Learn how to conduct SEO Audit for Websites
    • How to use the best SEO tools to boost performance
    • Learn how On-Page & Off-Page SEO works and how to leverage to improve performance
    • How to analyse what keywords your competitors are using
    • How to Drive Traffic to your website or Landing page Consistently
    • Manage your budget and outcome of the campaigns through Conversion Tracking
    • Learn How to Create and Optimize different Google Ads Campaigns
    • How to convert your existing website visitor by using remarketing effectively
    • How to encash through the millions of searches that happen on Google every day
    • How to advertise your product or service using different Google Ads Strategies
    • How to Choose the right Bidding Strategy to gain more by spending less
    • Step-by-Step Creation of Search Campaigns with 10/10 Quality Score with maximum ROI
    • How to choose the right target Audience and optimize campaigns for better ROAS
    • How to find Hundreds of Keywords which drives conversions
    • How to write effective Ad copies that drive conversions
    • Become an expert in choosing the right extensions for your niche
    • Set up reports and analyse Google Ads performance
    • Learn How to create and Optimize different Microsoft Ads Campaigns
    • Master the Sales Funnel
    • How to leverage the advance features of various social Media Platforms
    • How to build a Social Media Strategy
    • Learn how to prepare your social media calendar and manage schedules
    • How to create high, engaging content on various Social Media Platforms
    • How to grow your Social media channels with trusted followers
    • Learn how to advertise on various Social Media Platforms
    • How to build a brand on Social Media
    • Understand the strategies required to grow your presence quickly and Organically
    • How to effectively use Instagram Reels to increase your engagement
    • How to use hashtags and tagging to make your posts more discoverable
    • Master how to convert followers into customers
    • How to use social media messenger app to increase efficiency
    • How to monetize through various social media channels
    • Learn how to leverage from profiles, pages and groups
    • How to build an audience that converts
    • How to effectively use remarketing strategies on Social media platforms
    • How to use influencer marketing on various social media platforms
    • Understand the DO’s and Don’ts of Social Media channel to avoid spending time on the strategies that don’t work
    • Difference between Profile and Page
    • Page Creation for Personal Branding
    • Page Creation for Business
    • Facebook Page Optimisation
    • Planning & Designing Creatives for Facebook Page
    • Hacks to increase likes for Facebook Page
    • Content Strategy for Facebook Page Engagement
    • Creation of Social media calendar
    • Facebook Insights for Analysis
    • Automation of Facebook messenger to increase responsiveness
    • How to grow on Instagram
    • Different types of Accounts
    • Instagram Business account
    • Power of Hashtags
    • Optimisation for Personal Branding
    • Optimisation for Business Branding
    • Benefits of IGTV
    • Hacks to increase Instagram Followers
    • Hacks to increase engagement
    • Using Instagram stories effectively
    • Creating effective LinkedIn Profile
    • Linked In Profile optimisation
    • Do’s and Dont’s on LinkedIn
    • How to Increase relevant connections
    • Content Planning for LinkedIn to increase Engagements
    • Profile Optimisation get better job opportunities
    • Linked Optimisation for Personal Branding
    • Creating and Optimizing LI company page
    • Content Strategy for LinkedIn Page Engagement
    • Budgeting and choosing the right bidding strategies
    • Creating Brand on Twitter
    • Dashboard overview
    • Hashtags marketing
    • Strategies to create an engaging tweet
    • Twitter ads campaign creation
    • Twitter marketing and its components
    • Twitter analytics
    • Intro to YouTube Marketing
    • Importance of YouTube
    • Importance of Video Optimization on YouTube
    • Importance of Video Marketing
    • How to monetize through YouTube?
    • How to create and Set up a YouTube channel
    • Channel Customization & Settings
    • YouTube Channels
    • YouTube Community
    • YouTube Stories
    • Learn how to optimise App for better ranking on App Store
    • Learn how to find the best keywords that will increase your search ranking
    • How to increase organic downloads of your app
    • How to increase reviews for your app
    • Understand the difference between SEO & ASO
    • How to manage negative business reviews
    • Learn how Online Reputation works for business and individuals
    • Creating and Optimising Positive online content to eliminate negative reviews
    • How to respond to negative reviews on various platforms
    • How to create a Brand Management Strategies
    • How to get positive reviews and testimonials
    • Recognising potential risks
    • Understand the most effective types of Content that works
    • How to leverage Content Marketing to increase awareness, traffic and sales
    • Optimise your website for content marketing to drive traffic
    • Promote your content to drive more traffic on various platforms
    • How to create a content marketing calendar to create new content Ideas
    • Understand your core audience to create effective content
    • How to leverage Social Media Platforms to promote the content
    • How to measure the outcomes of your content marketing strategy
    • Create highly optimized and high-quality email marketing campaigns
    • How to Segment and Setup Email List
    • How to create an email sequence to get optimal results
    • Create email content that gets opened and converts
    • How to grow your email list
    • How to re-target using Email Marketing Strategies
    • How to get more subscribers to your email list
    • How to use different tools to leverage Email Marketing
    • Create a Lead Magnet to convert website visitors into subscribers
    • Best practices and effective Email Marketing Techniques
    • Create the workflow
    • Understand the email workflow automation
    • Automate marketing with email sequencing
    • Tagging and Lead scoring
    • How to set up Google Analytics for websites
    • How to track performance of various paid and organic activities
    • Understanding the navigation of Google Analytics tools
    • Understanding how to analyse different options on Google Analytics
    • Understand the important reports to be analysed
    • How to make data-driven decisions
    • Customise Google Analytics Dashboard for different Niches
    • How to set up and configure Google Data Studion
    • Linking Google Analytics with various platforms to track performance
    • How to set up Goals in Google Analytics
    • How to create Remarketing List using Google Analytics
    • Create FILTERS to easily create interactive dashboards, graphs and reports
    • Choose profitable niches and products to generate high income
    • Understand the complete Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem
    • How to choose the right Affiliate sites which are trusted and pay high commission
    • How to promote your Affiliate products on various platforms to drive conversions
    • How to optimise your affiliate websites to drive organic traffic
    • Leverage Keyword research to identify the potential keywords
    • Identify the target audience and their behaviour to reach them on various platforms
    • Create affiliate sites, landing pages and email list
    • Learn how to fine-tune your offers and differentiate yourself from the competition
    • Learn how to promote products without a website
    • How to get started with Google Adsense and the best practices to generate revenue with the program
    • How to get approval for your website or blog
    • How to drive traffic to your Adsense Website
    • How to find articles that generate traffic and republish them
    • How to turn your website/blog into passive income creating source
    • Master the concept of Content Writing
    • How to content for the company’s website, blogs, and articles that would help the website to rank better in search engines
    • How to Write Catchy Headlines that drives traffic for blogs, websites and landing pages
    • How to come up with blog ideas
    • How to write quality SEO & SMO friendly content
    • Understanding how to use keyword research tools to generate new ideas for blogs
    • How to identify the target audience and create a customer persona
    • Learn the art of doing the research before you actually write content
    • Understanding the readability principles: Use of active voice, keep it optimized and simple, Be direct with the readers, stick to a single thought
    • Create an effective marketing plan to promote the content
    • How to write copy for landing pages, social media ads, marketing funnels, and more
    • How to persuade your audience to take action through content
    • How to write Email Copies effectively
    • Intro and understanding of graphic designing
    • Types of Graphic designing
    • Principles of design every designer must know
    • How to create layouts with size for various platforms
    • How to navigate Adobe illustrator and photoshop tool
    • Creating Banner designs for websites and social media (in photoshop and illustrator)
    • Creating Vector illustrations (in photoshop and illustrator)
    • Basics of image editing and manipulation in photoshop
    • Typography
    • How to create GIF in photoshop
    • Use Adobe Illustrator and photoshop to design your own graphics from scratch
    • How to create logos (in photoshop and illustrator)
    • How to create Icon Styles (in photoshop and illustrator)
    • How to Design Infographics in illustrator
    • Learn Illustrator best practices and keyboard shortcuts (for photoshop and illustrator)
    • Learn how to Edit an entire video from beginning to end, using professional and efficient techniques
    • Learn how to edit videos and make them dynamic
    • Edit green screen footage and add backgrounds that look great
    • Apply visual effects such as stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays
    • Understand the concept behind Color Grading and how to apply Color Grading professionally to create different moods and feelings for your Videos
    • Create dynamic intros
    • Learn premier pro best practices and keyboard shortcuts
    • How to loop background music
    • How to Create your own effects, quickly and efficiently.
    • Color Correct your image by adjusting lighting and colours
    • Do Color Grading using creative retouching techniques
    • Introduction to Blogging
    • Choosing a blogging platform
    • as a blogging platform – its pros and cons
    • Setting up account and buying of domain
    • Creation of WordPress Post
    • 5 Step plan to succeed in blogging
    • Role of analytics in blogging
    • analytics
    • Self-hosted WordPress Blog on your domain
    • Benefits of self-hosted WordPress blog
    • Quora Profile Setup & Optimization
    • Quora Research
    • Question and Answer Formation
    • Identifying Core Topics
    • Increase Followers
    • Content and Marketing Strategy
    • Quora Blogging
    • Quora Advertising
    • Structuring Answers
    • Promotion of Q&A
    • Introduction to Marketing Funnel and its Importance
    • Core Elements of Marketing
    • Strategy vs. Tactics
    • Front-end vs. Back-end Marketing
    • Core Elements of a Funnel
    • All About Growth Formula
    • Understanding Product Market Fit
    • What is Lead Magnets
    • Optimize the Tripwire Offer
    • Understanding & Implementing Exit Offers
    • Introduction to eCommerce Marketing
    • Platforms to develop eCommerce Site
    • 7 steps to start an eCommerce site.
    • Introduction to Shopify
    • Setting up a Shopify account
    • Adding products to Shopify & create categories
    • Setting up themes to the Shopify account
    • Shopify Payment Gateway Integration
    • eCommerce best practices
    • Introduction to WooCommerce
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    Course Certificates

    Digital Academy 360 Certification
    Digital Academy 360 Certifications
    Adobe Photoshop Certification
    Google Adwords Certification
    Analytics Course Certification
    Google Analytics Certification
    Microsoft Advertisements Certification
    Hubspot Certification
    SEM Rush Certification
    Youtube Certification Course
    YouTube Certification
    Digital Academy 360
    15+ Certifications

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