Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (11 Months)

First PGP Program in India to Offer Extensive Digital Marketing Program with 100% Guaranteed Placements or Fees Refund






4.8 / 5


Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (11 Months)

First PGP Program in India to Offer Extensive Digital Marketing Program with 100% Guaranteed Placements or Fees Refund






4.8 / 5

About Course

About Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (11 Months)

The PGP in Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Course is designed and developed by industry experts. Exclusively curated for young graduates, mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate their careers in the field of Digital Marketing.

The learners can gain knowledge and experience in the digital marketing domain and develop an understanding of the structure within internet marketing businesses and their operations. Our 8 months extensive programs will help you gain in-depth knowledge of WordPress Website Designing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing and Digital Marketing.

Learners will also get hands-on exposure through agency based live projects and case studies. One dedicated mentor will be assigned to every student throughout the sessions and help you in achieving your goals.

Program Highlights

Course Duration:

11 Months

Learning Mode:

Online / Classroom Training

Live Projects:

750 Hours of Training

Level of Learning:

Basics to Advanced


Weekdays: Mon - Fri 10:30 AM to 1 PM, 6 PM to 9 PM

Weekend: Sun 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Course Highlight

Modules Covered
Module Covered
150+ Modules Covered in PGP Program
Top Instructors
Top Instructors
10+ Industry Experts from multiple domain
Paid Tools
Paid Tools
50+ Digital Marketing paid and free are covered
Live Projects
Live Projects
35+ Live Projects and Paid Campaigns
Case Study
Case Studies
15+ Top Industry Bases Case Studies
25+ PGP Certifications in one program
Weekly Assignments
Weekly Assignments
Assignments on various domains & projects
University Affiliation
University Affiliation
Certified PG Program Jain (Deemed to be University)
Job Notifications
Job Notifications
Get notifications through LMS on monthly basis
Career Support
Career Support
Personality Development & Softskill Training
Dedicated Mentor
Dedicated Mentor
Dedicated mentor will be assigned to every learner.
24/7 LMS Access
24/7 LMS Access
Learners will get the best management system.

Live Project & Case Studies

Digital Academy 360

Project Domains And Industries

Project Sample
You will be working on Digital Marketing Projects in real estate, health, education, corporate companies, e-commerce and advertising agency projects.
Digital Academy 360

WordPress Website Development

WordPress Website Development
One dedicated WordPress expert will help you develop your own website using WordPress. To showcase your projects, certifications and experience as a portfolio.
Digital Academy 360

Student Will Work On Agency Projects

Student WiWork On Agency Projects
Our SEO expert will train on live projects. In the first project, you will be implementing SEO strategies on your website and then working 2 agency SEO projects.

Why Learn Online


Top Instructors

Each trainer at Digital Academy 360 has 5+ years of industry experience.


Interactive & Practical

Focus on hands-on, problem-based tasks that ensure practical learning.


Attend from Anywhere

Learn from anywhere with just a laptop & an internet device in one go.


Auto-class Recordings

Missing classes is not a possibility, & revising your lessons a lot easier.


One on One Doubt clearing

Interact with trainers online and schedule doubt clearing sessions


Lifetime Updates

Get Access to the revised content for a lifetime & continue to sharpen your skills.

Course Program

  • What is Marketing?
  • Importance of Marketing
  • Principles of Management
  • Types of Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Communication & Information Systems
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Channels
  • 4Ps of Marketing
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Understanding Marketing Funnels
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Possibilities
  • Traditional Mearketing & Its Disadvantages
  • Advantages of digital medium over other media
  • Customer Personal
  • Market Research – Primary & Secondary
  • Advantages of digital medium over other media
  • Digital medium in today’s marketing plan
  • What is Search Engines?
  • Types of Search Engines?
  • How Search Engines Work?
  • Top Search Engines in the World?
  • How to Choose the Best Search Engine for any Business?
  • Digital Marketing Terminologies
  • What are leads and conversions?
  • How the Leads and Conversions are Generated?
  • Understanding buyer persons
  • Selecting the right targeted audience
  • What are Keywords
  • Types of Keywords
  • How to choose the best format of keywords
  • Manual keyword research methodology
  • Tools to do keyword research
  • Keyword research competitor analysis
  • Shortlisting the best performing keywords
  • Keyword research reporting
  • What is Content Writing
  • Importance of Content Writing in Digital Marketing
  • How to understand the customer requirement
  • How to Write Content for Website, Blog and Articles
  • What is Ad Copy?
  • Types of Ad Copy
  • How to Write Attractive Ad Copy
  • Ad Copy A/B Split Testing
  • What Is Graphic Designing and Why It Is Important in Today’s Marketing World?
  • Psychological, Scientifical and Cultural Aspects of G.d
  • History of G.d (Influence of Printing and Digital Platform on Design)
  • Basic Idea About Photoshop Workspace
  • How to Create a Layout (With Appropriate Size, Unit, Color Mode and Resolution) for Printing and Digital Platforms
  • How to Create Vector Graphics Using Basic Shapes
  • Understanding the Layer System (Creating, Merging, Duplicating, Grouping and Manipulating Layers)
  • How to Save the File
  • How to Export the File as Jpeg and Png
  • Using Pen Tool to Create Design
  • How to Add Text
  • Using Pen Tool to Create Curves
  • How to Add Text Along a Path
  • How to Create Simple Icon Designs for Apps and Games
  • Blending Option (Adding Shadow, Glow, Bevel and Embose to the Design)
  • Image Adjustments
  • Image Filter
  • Using Pen Tool to Create Vector Designs
  • How to Use Multiple Color Gradiation
  • How to Insert Image Inside a Shape or Text
  • Understanding the Important Principles of Design Like Emphasis, Balance and Rhythm Etc (With Video References and Examples)
  • Creating Banner Designs Using P.o.d and All the Basics Which We Have Learnt in Photoshop ( Posters & Banners )
  • Understanding Design Continuity for Multiple Pages
  • Dealing with Image Editing Tools in Photoshop to Manipulate Image ( Image Manipulation, Making an Element Disappear from an Image, Changing Dress Color Etc)
  • How to Create Gif in Photoshop
  • History of Logo
  • Types of Logo
  • Versatility Factor
  • Process of Logo Designing
  • Logo Documentation
  • Create Your Own Logo
  • Basic Idea About Illustrator Workspace
  • How to Create Vector Graphics Using Basic Shapes
  • Understanding the Layer System of Illustrator
  • How to Save the File
  • How to Export the File as Jpeg and Png
  • 8 Important Types of G.d (With Examples)
  • Creating Banner Designs Using P.o.d and All the Basics Which We Have Learnt
  • Using Font Style, Appearance, and Structure, Which Aims to Elicit Certain Emotions and Convey Specific Messages.
  • Single Page Template
  • Creating Multiple Pieces of Content to Occupy a Single, Coveted Space
  • Creating Different Icons for Apps and Games
  • Design Your Own Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Designing a Business Card
  • Designing Both Front and Back Face of the Card
  • Basic Idea About Premier Pro Workspace
  • Creating Simple Presentation on Any Topic
  • Understanding How to Add Images, Transitions, Text and Music
  • How to Save the File and Export the Video
  • Taking a Film Strip and Creating a Trailer
  • Understanding the Various Principles of Framing, Lighting, Line of Actions, Composition Etc (Along with Video References)
  • Creating a Professional Presentation on Any Topic
  • Understanding How to Add Images, Transitions, Text and Music
  • Combining Photoshop and Premier Pro
  • Shoot a Video
  • Edit the Video
  • Placing Your Logo in the Corner of Video
  • Placing Video Inside a Text
  • Animating the Text
  • Create a Dynamic Title Intro
  • Create Vectors in Photoshop/illustrator
  • Animate Them in Premier Pro
  • Listing Different Softwares for Video Editing
  • What is website?
  • Types of website?
  • Importance of website
  • What is URL?
  • Parameters of URL
  • What is Domain?
  • How Domain Works?
  • Types of Domain
  • List of domain providers
  • Finding the roots of domain (WHOIS)
  • Introduction to Websites
  • Difference between Website and blogs
  • Importance of Websites
  • Pre-requisites for a website
  • Elements of Website
  • Website Layout Planning
  • Building a wireframe for the Website
  • What is Domain, Sub-Domain, and Hosting
  • What are TLD’s and Domain Extensions
  • Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting
  • What is Search Engine?
  • History of Search Engine
  • Types of Search Engine
  • How Search Engine Works?
  • What is Crawler?
  • How Crawler Works?
  • What is SERP?
  • Introduction To SEO
  • Ranking Statistics
  • What is Title
  • Difference between Profile and Page
  • Page Creation for Personal Branding
  • Page Creation for Business
  • Facebook Page Optimisation
  • Planning & Designing Creatives for Facebook Page
  • Hacks to increase likes for Facebook Page
  • Content Statergy for Facebook Page Engagement
  • Creation of Social media calendar
  • Facebook Insights for Analysis
  • Automation of Facebook messenger to increase responsiveness
  • How to grow on Instagram
  • Different types of Accounts
  • Instagram Business account
  • Power of Hastags
  • Optimisation for Personal Branding
  • Optimisation for Business Branding
  • Benefits of IGTV
  • Hacks to increase Instagram Followers
  • Hacks to increase engagement
  • Using Instagram stories effectively
  • Creating effective LinkedIn Profile
  • Linked In Profile optimisation
  • Do’s and Dont’s on LinkedIn
  • How to Increase relevant connections
  • Content Planning for LinkedIn to increase Engagements
  • Profile Optimisation get better job oppurtunities
  • Linked Optimisation for Personal Branding
  • Creating and Optimizing LI company page
  • Content Statergy for LinkedIn Page Engagement
  • Budgeting and choosing the right bidding statergies
  • Creating Brand on Twitter
  • Dashboard overview
  • Hashtags marketing
  • Statergies to create an engaging tweet
  • Twitter ads campaign creation
  • Twitter marketing and its components
  • Twitter analytics
  • Planning Social Media Calendar for all platform
  • Analysing different case studies to optimise cost
  • Increasing ROI by implementing best practises
  • Competitor analysis to cut the learning curve
  • About Search Engine Marketing
  • Why SEM? Benefits
  • How SEM Works? Auction Process
  • What kind of industries can use SEM?
  • Why choose SEM over other DM Channels
  • Where Goods Ads are shown? (Types of network)
  • Understand the Google Ads Policy
  • Requirements to set up an Account
  • Creation Of Google Ads Account
  • Billing Settings
  • How to improve the campaign’s performance after looking into the reports
  • Some factors to be looked into:
  • Budget and bid changes/ adjustments
  • a look into the keyword and the match types implied
  • Test with ad copies/ Ad formats
  • Targeting options: include/exclude (device, location, keywords, interest, demographics, etc) look into search terms and Auction Insights reports
  • Case studies
  • Template/ scenarios on how to create a Google Ads proposal based on the Client’s requirements
  • Points to consider: Goal, Budget, Bid, Campaign type, Period of the Campaign
  • How to Create Effective Search Ads by doing competitor analysis
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Importance of Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics Dashboard setup
  • Embedding tracking code on a website
  • Difference between Account, Property, and views
  • Defining KPI’s
  • Measuring KPI’s
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour through Audience insights
  • Customer Lifetime Value Metric Report
  • Intro to Youtube Marketing
  • Importance of Youtube
  • Importance of Video Optimization on Youtube
  • Importance of Video Marketing
  • How to monetize through Youtube?
  • How to create and Set up a Youtube channel
  • Channel Customization & Settings
  • Youtube Channels
  • Youtube Community
  • Youtube Stories
  • Understanding Email Marketing
  • Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
  • Sending the Right Email
  • Creating a High-Performing Email
  • Understanding Email Deliverability
  • Outlining the Design of Your Marketing Emails
  • Analyzing Your Marketing Emails
  • Testing Your Marketing Emails
  • Developing Relationships With Lead Nurturing
  • Introduction to eCommerce Marketing
  • Platforms to develop eCommerce Site
  • 7 steps to start an eCommerce site.
  • Introduction to Shopify
  • Setting up a Shopify account
  • Adding products to Shopify & create categories
  • Setting up themes to the Shopify account
  • Shopify Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce best practices
  • Introduction to WooCommerce
  • Website types & terminologies
  • The Art of Pitching
  • Product Positioning
  • Pricing Models
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Structuring Sales proposals
  • Customer Service Concepts
  • Managing Customer
  • Automate Routine Tasks
  • What is Affiliate marketing
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Key Terms of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Process
  • Become a Merchant
  • Become a Publisher
  • Comissiona & Costing Techniques
  • Sekecting Product
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Marketing Product
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Choosing a blogging platform
  • as a blogging platform – its pros and cons
  • Setting up account and buying of domain
  • Creation of WordPress Post
  • 5 Step plan to succeed in blogging
  • Role of analytics in blogging
  • analytics
  • Self hosted WordPress Blog on your domain
  • Benefits of self hosted WordPress blog
  • Blog monetization
  • Explaining Google Adsense
  • Setting up Google Adsense account and integration with the website
  • Best practices for maximum returns
  • Introduction to Influencer Marketing
  • Case Study
  • Best Practices
  • Business benefit from influencers
  • Best platforms for starting influencer marketing
  • What is SMS
  • History of SMS (RCS & SMS)
  • SMS Vs Email
  • Get Permission
  • GDPR for SMS
  • Getting A Commercial SMS Platform
  • Types of Commercial SMS
  • Building Interactive Content
  • Keywords & Shortcodes
  • Call-To-Action
  • Introduction to marketing automation
  • Problems statement
  • Benefits of marketing automation
  • Marketing automation platform
  • Core feature
  • Lead Capture & Nurturing Automation
  • Sales Acceleration Concept
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Setup for Marketing Automation
  • Website & Landing Paget Automation
  • Importance of content marketing
  • Types of Funnel
  • Goals and Metrics
  • Content Calendar
  • Customer Persona
  • Developing Content
  • Blog & Marketing Blog Content
  • Writing Powerful headlines, Post, Callto Action
  • Landing Page, Sqeez Page & Lead Magnets
  • Forms of Content
  • What is ORM
  • Importance of ORM
  • Case Study of ORM
  • Scenario Practice
  • Responding to Customer Feedback
  • Resolving a Review
  • Conflict Solving
  • Review Removing Technique
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Social Monitoring
  • Introduction to Marketing Funnel and its Importance
  • Core Elements of Marketing
  • Strategy vs. Tactics
  • Front-end vs. Back-end Marketing
  • Core Elements of a Funnel
  • All About Growth Formula
  • Understanding Product Market Fit
  • What is Lead Magnets
  • Optimize the Tripwire Offer
  • Understanding & Implementing Exit Offers
  • Quora Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Quora Research
  • Question and Answer Formation
  • Identifying Core Topics
  • Increase Followers
  • Content and Marketing Strategy
  • Quora Blogging
  • Quora Advertising
  • Structuring Answers
  • Promotion of QnA
  • Understanding App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • ASO Process
  • iOS Vs Google Play Store Optimization
  • AOS Terms & Variables
  • On-Page ASO Factors
  • Off-Page ASO Factors
  • Conversion Factors
  • Analyzing Performance
  • App Icon
  • Screenshot Optimization
  • The concept of programmatic advertising
  • What is programmatic advertising? Benefits & key terms
  • The programmatic advertising ecosystem
  • Methods of buying media
  • Header bidding principle
  • Strategies of buying media
  • Data and targeting
  • Advertising pricing models
  • Publishers and advertising formats
  • Creativity and strategy
  • Linking to your podcast
  • Embedding your podcast
  • Podcast websites
  • Sharing your podcast
  • Social media planning
  • Email newsletters
  • Becoming a podcast ambassador
  • Creating a podcast press kit
  • Where to send a podcast press kit
  • Community engagement
  • Introduction to Facebook messenger bots
  • A more in-depth look to Facebook Bot
  • How can Facebook Messenger Bots Grow Your Audience?
  • How to Qualify Facebook Messenger Traffic
  • The Classic Sales Funnel – Case Study
  • Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Through a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
  • Latest Method to Create Your Own Facebook Messenger Bot
  • How to Drive More People to Your Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
  • The 10 main reasons why you should use Facebook Messenger bot marketing
  • Conclusion and next steps
  • What is a Chatbot?
  • How Big is the Chatbot Opportunity?
  • Why Do People Use Chatbots?
  • Why Do Businesses Use Chatbots?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Chatbots
  • How Do Chatbots Work?
  • How to Create a Chatbot
  • Steps to Building a Chatbot
  • How Much Do Chatbots Cost?
  • Should You Use Chatbots?
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Course Certificates

Jain University Certificate
PGP in Digital Marketing JAIN (Deemed to be University) Certification
Digital Academy 360 Certification
PGP in Digital Marketing from Digital Academy 360
Digital Academy 360
Digital Academy 360 Specialization Module Certification
Digital Academy 360
Digital Academy 360 Internship Certification
Analytics Course Certification
Analytics Course Certification
Bing Ads Certificate
Bing Ads Certificate
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Twitter Flight School Certification
Adobe Photoshop Certification
Google Adwords Certification
Google My Business Course Certification
Google My Business Course Certification
Google Tag Manager Certification
Google Tag Manager Certification
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate
Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
Hubspot Email Marketing Certification
Hubspot Social Media Certification
Hubspot Social Media Certification
Youtube Certification
Youtube Certification
facebook certification
Facebook Blueprint Certification
Rankwatch Certification
Rankwatch Certification

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