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Our Journey

The Story of Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 kick-started in 2015 as a digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. Taking the digital world by storm Digital Academy 360 soon was recognised as one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in India and was even awarded as the “Best Digital Learning Institute” of the year by Indian Education Awards 2019.

We at Digital Academy 360 are honoured to impart the best concepts and strategies of Digital Marketing through our variety of Digital Marketing Courses to an enormous number of people across India. 

Our visionary founder Mr Yogesh Shashi, a young, energetic and smart digital marketer formed Digital Academy 360 with the vision of redefining the education system in India. Incorporated in the year of 2015. Digital Academy 360 started with only 3 employees. They doubled to 6 within the next year.

Today, we have a team of 100, with our very first employee still on board! Discipline and professional ethics are what our employees value. 

Being headquartered in Bangalore we have 5 centres in the city. We have also reached learners in Mysore and Chennai, with our local centres over there. We hope to reach everyone across the country one day and one city at a time.

Here at Digital Academy 360, we focus training on the concepts of Digital Marketing from a basic to advanced level which enhances the students’ knowledge on marketing a product or service online successfully. Our students are best known to be industry-ready to meet the demands and goals of clients. 

Our courses are designed for beginners as well as working professionals looking to advance in their career and also for established individuals & organizations aiming to expand their market reach. 

Though we started out as a Digital Marketing Training Institute, we have since expanded to include Content Writing, Graphic Designing, UI/UX and Animation Courses to our roster.

Keeping up with today’s world, Digital Academy 360 was able to successfully move online during the COVID-19 lockdown and reach learners not only nationally but also globally.

We constantly and consistently try to maintain our level in producing industry standard and up-to-date courses for our learners.


Yogesh Shashi, CEO DA360

Yogesh Shashi

Founder & CEO of Digital Academy 360

Yogesh Shashi, a man with 10+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry has worked on 250+ projects with some of the topmost brands in India, has also trained more than 5000+ students and guided them to choose the right path and helped them get placed in top companies. 

In 2015, while hiring a digital marketing candidate Yogesh found the quality of education in Digital Marketing was lacking, he had in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and started contemplating a career as a trainer. He went about to do complete research on the training and the study material provided by different institutes & platforms. This gave him an idea about the requirement of students and what training institutes were providing.

He worked hard, burning the midnight oil to prepare the best possible study materials and training structure. Finally, he set up Digital Academy 360 on 1st November 2015 in Bangalore, India. 

Following the same vision of improving and providing the best quality of education, he then opened up more branches and franchises.

Yogesh constantly updates the courses and curriculum to meet the needs of the students and employers.

Though he has faced many ups and downs on this road of success, Yogesh still believes in the same values that he started the Institute with, and keeps the same vision in mind moving forward.

Amit Singh

COO at Digital Academy 360

Amit Singh has 11+ years of experience.  With his 8+ years of experience in the education field, he has been an added value to the team at Digital Academy 360.

Amit is a responsible and innovative person, with his excellent communication and negotiation skills, he is the one point contact for bringing on new franchises and helping with the existing ones.

Also, with the wide knowledge in Operations & Accounts, he handles all of these matters seamlessly. With the opportunity given to him by ABAI, he became the 1st person in India to set up 27 Digital Art Centres across Karnataka under the guidance of ABAI Committee and GoK.

Amit has successfully managed and organized training for over 40 trainers and has helped over 85% of their students to get proper jobs in their related field of expertise.

The management of Digital Academy 360 came up with a collective idea to tie-up with a University, to give their students a top university certification. Amit, in turn, took the lead on this initiative. Being a Jain University Alum, he was able to connect with the right people and bag a partnership with them.

Amit joined Digital Academy 360, believing in the same vision as the founder, Mr Yogesh Shashi. He strives to give the best quality education to the students and is a constant motivator to the trainers.

Amith Singh - COO - Digital Academy 360

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