Facebook Masterclass

Learn Facebook Masterclass From Scratch to Advanced. Learn Facebook Page Optimization, Personal Branding & Increase Revenue. Learn Facebook Business, Paid Ads & Lead Generation


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facebook masterclass

Facebook Masterclass

facebook masterclass
Learn Facebook Masterclass From Scratch to Advanced. Learn Facebook Page Optimization, Personal Branding & Increase Revenue. Learn Facebook Business, Paid Ads & Lead Generation







Course Starts In

Course Starts In


These are the 5 Major Challenges that you Might be Facing:

  • Are you looking to build your personal brand using Facebook Page?
  • Are you looking to generate High - Quality leads for your business?
  • Are you looking to run ads for an affordable cost and generate high revenue for your business?
  • Are you looking to grow your business using Facebook?
  • Do You Want to Grow Your Facebook Page Organically?

Course Highlights

Course Duration:
50 Hours
Modules Covered:
30+ Modules
Learning Mode:
Online Self-Paced Learning
Level of Learning:
Basics to Advanced
Downloadable Resources:

About Facebook Course

Master Class Course

An Advanced course which gives you complete understanding with real time examples and proven methods on the topic.

Recorded Session

All the sessions are available in our LMS account. Its a Online self-paced session, where learners can log in through our LMS account and take up the sessions.

Community Support

Worried about doubts don't worry we have the best community who are always uptime to help you and clear your doubts.

Masterclass Course

Master Class Course

An advanced course which gives you complete understanding with real-time examples and proven methods on the topic.

Recorded Session

All the sessions are available in our LMS account. It's an Online self-paced course, where learners revise the topic through our LMS.

Community Support

Don't worry about any concerns, we have the best community who are always available to help you and clear your doubts.

Facebook Course Is Designed For

  • Students: If you are looking to mastery Facebook Marketing and finding better job opportunities, then this course is made for you.
  • Working Professionals: This course is also for people who are already working in the Digital Marketing field and want to upskill themselves in understanding and implementing Facebook strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs: It is also for those who want to start their own Facebook page for their brand and want to use the complete potential of Facebook to grow their business.
  • Startups: Startups who would want to take the advantage of a high potential social media platform and use it for growing their business in terms of revenue and generation of leads
  • Personal Brands: This course is for people who want to grow their personal brand with the help of a Facebook Page by creating content and influencing the right audience to build your brand based on your passion.
  • Freelancers: If you are a freelancer and curious about running ads for your clients or business - this is the course for you!

Master Class Bonus


10 Downloadable Resources Only For You

Get Access to it Once You Enroll for the Program

  Download the latest Facebook master class study material
  Ultimate guide on how to generate Facebook followers
  20 tips & tricks on Facebook to generate quality leads
  Guide on how to make your Facebook profile stand out
  50+ Tips on creating a high-quality social media calendar
  Get free templates for creating social media optimization plan
  Templates for creating social media campaign structure & budget
  Templates on preparing social media marketing plan like a pro
  200+ Interview Q & A to crack job interviews
  Tips to get projects & become a Facebook freelancer

Facebook Course Curriculum

  • Get Started With Facebook
  • Why Use Facebook For Business?
  • How Facebook Can Help Businesses?
  • Essential Tools of Facebook (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp)
  • How Facebook Tools Can Help Businesses Achieve Their Goals?
  • How to use Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to connect with your customers?
  • Differences Between Profile & Page
  • Top Reasons Business Needs Facebook Page.
  • How To Create Facebook Page (Design & Implementation of Images With Canva)
  • Features To Be Known of Facebook Page – (Every Single feature To Be Explained)
  • How To Optimise Facebook Page For Better Reach?
  • Settings of Page
  • Page Tips & Setup
  • How To Grow Your Page Following Organically?
  • How To Use Facebook Page Insights To Boost Marketing Strategy?
  • Best Practices To Use Page Insights
  • Reasons Page Posts Matter
  • What do You need To Know About Posts?
  • How To Post On Facebook Page?
  • Powerful Ideas To Post On Facebook Page
  • Designing Page Posts With Canva
  • Engaging With Your Audience
  • Different Types Of Posts
  • Tools For Your Facebook Page
  • Page Inbox: Things To Be Known
  • How Does WhatsApp For Business Work?
  • How & When To Use Creator Studio?
  • How To Grow Facebook Page With Stories?
  • How To Use Facebook Groups To Engage With Your Audience?
  • How To Use Messenger For Your Business? Why Is It Important?
  • Why & How To Create & Use Content Calendar For Facebook?
  • How To Align Facebook Strategy With Business Goals?
  • Knowing Your Facebook Audience
  • How To Evaluate Your Current Facebook Strategy?
  • Understanding Facebook Algorithm
  • How To Build An Engaging Community?
  • How To Use Facebook Tools For Successful Organic Strategy?
  • How To Increase Facebook Reach With Engaging Content
  • How To Measure The Success With Page Insights
  • How To Increase Page Likes & Followers Organically?
  • How To Generate Leads Organically?
  • Free Design Resources – Softwares & Templates
  • How To Use Canva For Designing Posts?
  • Video Design Tips To Get More Views Organically
  • Get Started With Facebook Ads
  • When To Advertise On Facebook?
  • What Are Facebook Page Ads?
  • Where Can People See Your Ads?
  • What Are Boost Posts?
  • Facebook Advertising Tools: Things You Need To Know
  • Steps To Create Ad From Facebook Page
  • How Ad Objectives Affect Ad Creation? & How To Select The Right Ad Objective?
  • Can You Grow Your Audience Without Paying For Facebook Ads?
  • 3 Phases Of Facebook Ads
  • How To Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Of Facebook Ads
  • Which Types of Ads You Should Create First?
  • Key Elements Of Facebook Ads
  • Ad Formats On Facebook Page
  • Creatives of Facebook Ads
  • Tips For Creating Ad Creative
  • Uploading Videos & Images For Facebook Ads
  • How To Write Facebook Ads?
  • How To Write Great Facebook Ad Copy?
  • Introduction To Page Promotions
  • Boost Your Post
  • Boost Your Event
  • Promote Your Business Locally
  • Promote Your Website
  • Promote Call To Action Button
  • Promote Your Page
  • Get More Leads
  • Measuring Your Promotion Success
  • Optimize Your Promotions
  • Tips For Visually Creating Amazing Ads
  • Photography Tips For Ads
  • Get Started With Facebook Ads Manager
  • Creating Complete Campaigns
  • Best Practices & Practical Considerations
  • Business Tools In Ads Manager
  • Introduction To Branding
  • Planning For Brand Campaigns
  • Insights & Targeting For Brand Campaigns
  • Creative Development For Brand Campaigns
  • Introduction To reach & Frequency
  • Reach & Frequency buying Guidelines
  • How To Buy Ads Using Reach & Frequency Campaigns?
  • How To Target Core Audiences?
  • How To Target Custom Audiences?
  • How To Target Lookalike Audiences?
  • How To Create, Manage & Install Facebook Pixel?
  • How To Create Video Views Campaign?
  • How To Create an Engagement & Message Campaign?
  • How To Create Traffic Campaign?
  • Getting Started With Generating Leads
  • Creating Forms To Acquire Leads
  • Get Started With App Install Campaign
  • Measure Your Campaign
  • Get Started eCommerce Ads
  • Creating Ecommerce Ad Campaign
  • Booking More Business With Travel Ads
  • Closing Deals With Conversions
  • Driving Store Traffic Campaigns
  • Ad Policies & Review Process

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Facebook Masterclass

Facebook Masterclass

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Meet Our Mentor



Digital Marketing Manager

Anish Kokani A Digital Marketing Professional with 5+ years of experience and helping businesses grow, Anish has trained multiple learners from different backgrounds in the marketing field. If being an all-round Digital Marketer isn’t enough Anish also creates content to help students, freelancers and working professionals to grow in their careers, and provides consultations for businesses to grow online with different digital tools.

Our Testimonials


Senior Consultant Busy Rooms

I had the privilege of being Anish's student for sometime. What separates him from the rest is sharing his own practical experience while explaining the concepts which makes it very relatable. His classes were never boring and the fun of learning was always there. Answers to our geeky questions were always there and ...


Academic Counselor

Great trainer who shares valuable knowledge and who also shares thoughtful information which can be understood and implemented by anybody who takes his lecture. i am so grateful that i got an opportunity to take his lecture and build my interest in Digital Marketing Firm. kudos to his great work


Senior Business Consultant at IBS Software

I have been trained by Anish on Facebook page, promotion and ad campaigns. I must say the concept he provided specially the points about his own experiences was crystal clear. It really helped me to learn and understand what we should do and what we shouldn't in social media marketing. Keep the good work!


Works at Amazon

Anish is a really patient trainer. His sessions are always engaging and interactive. You can take away a lot from his classes.


Social Media Executive at SayZero.Uk

Anish Kokani is an amazing Digital Marketing trainer with great in hand experience. He has immense knowledge about the topics for all of his classes, he makes sure every sub-topic has an example. Anish’s classes are 90% interactive which makes every class more interesting. I am very lucky to have taken classes from Anish.


Digital Marketing Consultant / Freelancer/ Trainer

Anish Kokani is an Excellent Digital Marketing Trainer in Digital Academy 360. He has exceptional expertise in Coaching and Motivation. Very positive attitude towards his work and very dedicated. A mentor like him empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained. I have learned


Digital Marketing Consultant

Anish was a good trainer with ample knowledge of the topics had taught. He was approachable and would always clear our doubts no matter how silly they were. He gave us a clear understanding of the subject as well.

Ajith Anand C

Digital Marketer

I am Very much Impressed with Anish teachings, the way he brings out the concept with numerous doubts raised by him self and asks the students to clear it. He always pushes all the students to practically incorporate all the skills that require for the modules he takes. I would Definitely recommend Anish as the one


Digital Marketer

Hi Anish, All your sessions were very interesting and helpful. Thank you for providing other useful information apart from the course module and clearing all our doubts and resolving all the issues we had with any of the tools.

Vishwa Lingam

Digital Marketing Executive at Emerging Alliance

Anish Kokani demonstrated a deep knowledge of his field and a natural ability to share his expertise in a pleasant and comprehensible manner. I have learned from him more than I could ever expect. His patience for my tricky questions is something I will always value. I strongly recommend

Shubham Uthappa

Social Media Analyst | Auto Enthusiast | Engineer

a trainer who keeps the class interactive

Khushal Reddy

Student at Center for Management Studies(

Mr. Anish Kokani was my tutor at DA360. A person with vast knowledge, equipped with entrepreneurial skills in the field of digital marketing. He has a very atypical style of teaching, provides perspectives that is imperative for budding marketers and entrepreneurs. I'm well pleased to have been his student in the many sessions he has carried out.

Priya Rajesh

Chief Executive Officer

Anish is one of the excellent Trainer who has indepth knowledge about Digital Marketing. Sure everybody will enjoy learning in his class with the way he teaches. He always has an ability to make us understand in an easy way by making us implementing the concepts in real time. Happy in getting mentored by you Anish. Wishing You All Success.

Sravani Moparthy

Digital Marketer

Anish sir has been an excellent trainer. His in-depth knowledge of Social Media is awesome and also, he is very approachable and kind. His way of teaching is simple and practical oriented. It was a great experience to get trained by him.

Shalini Billar

Assistant Manager- Digital

I had the privilege to be mentored by Anish Kokani, Digital Academy 360. As an Educator, Anish is an indispensable source of knowledge with Deeper Insights & Ideas in Marketing, Consumer behaviour & psychology. He is an amazing storyteller who can put across Marketing & Business concepts in an absolutely effortless way that has a lasting impact on us. He goes beyond the call of duty to help his students learn & understand concepts. His Course curriculum, Case studies & activities during training equips you to launch your Business immediately or propel you ahead in Career.

Praveen Kurup

Business Consultant

Anish Kokani is an amazing experienced Digital Marketing trainer with real practical knowledge. He assists his students with patience, real-time tasks and motive for the next level.

Rochelle Carvalho

Life Science | Digital & Content

Learning new concepts needs patience, humility and the skills to teach. Anish is a combo pack of all these skills. He takes you through the digital marketing journey from a very practical standpoint, while not just spewing knowledge. There is a pause taken at every step to ensure that each person soaks in what is taught. You are also made to fail, which means that you learn better through mistakes. An entrepreneurial person, Anish guides you and makes you think as you take every action - be it ads, analytics and steps needed for each campaign. Grateful and each class is thought provoking!

Ankur Jha

Consultant for Plywood, Laminate

He has the Excellent way of teaching. He always try to teach with the practical example and also has a very good command over the subject.

Dimple Jain

Facebook Ads Specialist

Anish sir made sure that we get the concepts right by teaching them in a very easy and simple way. He used a lot of examples which made it easy for us to understand better. He was very patient enough with our doubts and questions. It was great to be a part of your training. Thank you!

Amlan Datta

Experienced in Digital Marketing

I'm lucky to have Anish sir as my teacher, He has in depth knowledge in Digital Marketing and a nice person too. It's always pleasure to teach new things from him. I'm sure he'll ready to assist you in this field.

Saikiran Surapaneni

Experienced in Marketing & Sales

Anish Kokani is the Marketing Manager of Digital Academy 360, he was a good trainer with ample knowledge of the topics had taught. He was approachable and would always clear our doubts. He gave us a clear understanding of the subject as well.

Abish L

Founder & CEO of The VAAV group

Anish is having great knowledge and outstanding skills in digital marketing and he is a person who helped me by sharing his knowledge and skill. I have learnt many new things from him which is now helping me out.

Nikhil Ragesh Valath

Use strategic and creative skills to craft campaigns

It was a great experience to get trained by a professional in the field of digital marketing had a wide exposure and gained new knowledge. You were very supportive and approached in a very friendly manner and gave a clear understanding of the subject

Vijayalakshmi Manjunath

Digital Marketing Manager at Yalvo India Private Limited

It was my pleasure to be your student in the journey of taking training in Digital Marketing. You are very talent, supportive and knowledgable. Your ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always inspiration. I am delighted I had the chance to learn from you.

Sahana j

Masters in digital marketing

For a great course, great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples . which all made for a really enjoyable and informative training, I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues . Thank you for your wisdom , experience and personable presentation

Vikram Garla

Digital Marketing Professional | Co-founder, Frames In Motion

Anish Kokani taught me a wide array of topics in the area of digital marketing. He has been an excellent communicator with great listening skills. He is a collaborator by nature and shows a great deal of patience. Anish values real world learning and puts in great amount of effort to teach his students not only WHAT to think but more importantly HOW to think.

Common Facebook Course FAQs