• The aims of the placements are to provide suitable job placement to students and help them build their careers.
  • Any remuneration to be provided to the Student by an Organization must be agreed in writing between the Organization and the Student.
  • An Organization and a Student may enter a separate employment agreement if the Organization wishes.

Eligibility Criteria for Placement

  • Candidate should be graduated from any recognized discipline.
  • Age criteria for placements eligibility is 20-35 years
  • 90% Attendance during the training
  • 90% Weekly Test Attendance
  • 95% Test Scores
  • 95% Attendance for Mock Interviews
  • 95% Practical Assignment must be completed.
  • 100% Attendance for Placement Training is Must
  • 13 Certification Exam compulsory.
  • Contract Sign between Institution and Students is mandatory.
  • 90% Score in Soft Skills Training
  • Punctuality and time management is mandatory


  • Job Location will be in anywhere in India
  • There will be no guarantee on salary package
  • Placements will be provided in Start-ups, Advertising agencies, MNC’s and other Industries.
  •  After successful completion of the course and upon meeting the eligibility criteria, student will be duly placed within 90 days. 

Obligations and Responsibilities of DA360

The obligations and responsibilities of DA360 in respect of the placements

  • To train students in Digital marketing with respect to real-time job scenario.
  • To provide students with placement training.
  • To communicate job notification to the students and schedule an interview.
  • To provide eligible students with job placement within 90 days of completion of the program, failing to which complete fees will be refunded within 30 days after completion of the agreement term. 

Student’s Obligations and Responsibilities

  • Students should register with the DA360 PLACEMENT CELL. Only those students who have registered with DA360 PLACEMENT CELL are eligible to participate in the placement activities.
  • Students who have poor academic performance (less than 7 CGPA) and over 3 backlogs till 6th semester are advised not to register for placements. However, those students are permitted to sit for the companies which do not have CGPA constraints.
  • Students are advised to have a decent dress and pleasing manners when they appear for the interview with the representatives of the recruiting company.
  • Students should take every effort to maintain the decorum and the image of the institute with the visiting representatives of the organization.
  • If a candidate who has forwarded his/her resume for a particular company and decides not to appear for the test/interview, he/she should take permission not to attend the interview. This will not only enable the placement cell to give an accurate estimate of the number of candidates appearing for the interview to the company, but also help other students who would otherwise miss out on a good chance.
  • If the student has been selected in the campus interview and has received an appointment letter, then he/she cannot apply again and his/her name is removed from the placement cell, even if he/she rejects the previous job offer.
  • Once a student receives an appointment letter, it is assumed that the student will join the organization. If the selected students do not join the organization, then they should inform the placement cell immediately. Any queries must be clarified through the placement cell only. If the Offer letter is received and later ignored, the student will be removed the placement cell list.
  • Students violating any of the above-mentioned rules and regulations or found indulging in any act of indiscipline/misbehaviour earning a bad name for the Institute will be debarred from availing any further placement facilities and is liable for strict disciplinary action, as per the DA360 rules and regulations.
  • The Head office of DA360 reserves the right to disallow any student to appear for campus interview, on disciplinary grounds.
  • It’s mandatory for students to be graduate from any discipline.