Payments & Refund Policy

Thank you for enquiring for a course with us. We want to make sure that our learners have an exceptional learning experience. As with any course enrollment, the below are the terms and conditions that govern the Payments & Refund Policy. When you enrol for a course at Digital Academy 360, you must read and understand the rules pertaining to payment and refund of fees, before seeking admission to any of our courses. No disputes regarding refunds will be entertained once the fees are paid.


Payments – 
  • Payment Modes – Cash, credit/debit cards, UPI and net banking.
  • One-shot payment –
    If a student opts to take up the one-shot payment option, they must clear the payment at the time of enrollment itself, else the enrolment will be cancelled. 

If your credit card or account cannot be verified, or is invalid, or is not otherwise acceptable, your enrollment may be suspended or cancelled automatically.

Note – All prices and availability of our courses are subject to change without notice.

Payment of Installments –

Digital Academy 360 offers the students a 2 instalment payment option.

  • After the payment of the 1st instalment, the student will be provided 25-30 days to pay the 2nd instalment. In case the instalment is not paid by then, the student’s classes and LMS access will be suspended until the payment is completed. 


Note – If due to special circumstances you require a few extra days to complete the payment, the student must request permission from the institute. If the payment isn’t completed even after the extra time given, the student’s enrollment will be cancelled and no refund will be made.


  • If the student decides to leave after paying 1/2  instalments and withdraws all communication, the previously paid instalments will not be refunded and the student’s enrollment shall be cancelled in 15 days.


Duplicate Payment –
  • In case of any banking issues if payment has been made twice (duplicate payment) the refund for this will be made within 15 – 30 business days once the request has been initiated by the student.

  • Upon failure of payment, if your credit/debit card, UPI or net banking/account has been charged, the said amount will be reversed back to your account within 15 – 30 business days.

Cancellation of Enrollment – 
  • In case of requests to cancel your enrollment in any of our programs, we are not liable for any refunds whatsoever. The Institute will not be able to refund the fees on enrollments that have already been confirmed, ie; class has been scheduled, attended a few classes or given the login credentials.


Note –  The classes are scheduled at the convenience of the students based on trainer availability. If a student doesn’t attend any scheduled classes and requests for a refund, the Institute is not liable to refund any of the fees.

  • If the student is unable to uphold the Student Agreement there will be no refund.
  • In case a student pays a token advance as a part of an offer or to reserve their admission for a later date, the Institute isn’t liable to refund any of the advance payment that has been made, should the student change their mind about the course enrollment. 
  • Fees once paid is non-refundable under any circumstance even those beyond the control of the Institute, including but not limited to the outbreak of war, disease, civil unrest or natural disasters.


 Course Change-

  • If a student is opting for one course and after enrollment wants to switch to another program, he will have to request the Institute to do so. The decision of the Institute shall be final and binding on all the parties concerned.
  • Before switching to another program the student will have to pay the difference fee including taxes as per the new program.
  • If the new course fee is lesser than that of the previous one the Institute isn’t liable to refund the difference.



Under special circumstances (to be determined by the Institute) if the candidate is receiving a fee refund, upon approval the Institute has the authority to deduct a percentage of the fee as administrative costs.
The refund of the same will be made between 15-30 business days once it is approved by the Institute.


      1.I enrolled for a course and it’s now being offered at a lower price, I want a refund.

We may provide some promotional offers for the course occasionally. At that time you may see the changes in the prices for the courses. As you enrolled before/after the offer you are not eligible to receive a fees refund.

     2.Do I have to pay taxes when I enrol for a course?

Absolutely! It is a legal mandate which we follow and all the course fees do have added taxes.

    3.I have changed my mind about taking the course, I want a refund.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds on our courses. If you decide to change your mind about your enrolment any fees paid prior to the discontinuation of the course will not be refunded.


If you have any questions about this policy please contact us at [email protected] or call +91 7353 515 515