7 Days - Practical Driven Social Media Marketing Workshop

Covering a wide array of topics, ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.


1 Mar, 2021






Key Topics Covered

social media workshop

Social Media Workshop Course Content

  • Are you looking to grow your business using Social Media?
  • Are you looking to build your personal brand using Social Media?
  • Are you looking to generate High - Quality leads for your business?
  • Are you looking to run ads for an affordable cost and generate high revenue for your business?

This is the Social Media Marketing workshop that is suitable for job-seekers as well as business owners, entrepreneurs & personal brands. 

It covers a wide array of topics, ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.

Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn tried and tested techniques to boost sales and attract more paying customers. 

The workshop also equips job-seekers with the right skills to create and execute successful social media ad campaigns for their clients.


  • Get Started With Facebook
  • Why Use Facebook For Business?
  • How Facebook Can Help Businesses?
  • Essential Tools of Facebook (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp)
  • How Facebook Tools Can Help Businesses Achieve Their Goals?
  • How to use Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to connect with your customers?
  • Differences Between Profile & Page
  • Top Reasons Why Business Needs Facebook Page?
  • How To Create Facebook Page (Design & Implementation of Images With Canva)
  • Features To Be Known of Facebook Page – (Every Single feature To Be Explained)
  • How To Optimise Facebook Page For Better Reach?
  • Settings of Page
  • Page Tips & Setup
  • How To Grow Your Page Following Organically?
  • Reasons Why Page Posts Matter
  • What do You need To Know About Posts?
  • How To Post On Facebook Page?
  • Powerful Ideas To Post On Facebook Page
  • Designing Page Posts With Canva
  • Tools For Your Facebook Page
  • Page Inbox: Things To Be Known
  • How Does WhatsApp For Business Work?
  • How & When To Use Creator Studio?
  • How To Grow Facebook Page With Stories?
  • How To Post Facebook Page Stories?
  • Understanding Stories Creative Tools
  • Introduction To Instagram
  • Exploring The Benefits Of Personal & Business Account – The Differences
  • Creating Instagram Business Account
  • Tips To Share Business On Instagram
  • How To Post On Instagram?
  • Instagram Business Tips
  • How To Create Instagram Stories For Your Business?
  • Things To Know About Instagram Stories
  • Creative Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business
  • How Can Successful Instagram Strategy Can Impact Your Business?
  • Optimising Your Instagram Business Profile
  • Understanding Instagram Algorithm
  • Understanding Instagram Insights
  • How To Create Your Instagram Brand Identity?
  • How To Develop Great Static Image Posts?
  • How To Develop A Great Video Post?
  • Power Of Other People Content
  • Taking Advantage Of Instagram Stories
  • Broadcasting With Instagram Live
  • Understanding the Twitter platform
  • How to create a Twitter plan?
  • Building the strategy to attract the right followers
  • Complete guide to Twitter analytics
  • How to do networking to build brand and influence?
  • How to deliver customer service on Twitter?
  • Managing Crisis on Twitter
  • What Is LinkedIn?
  • Why Should You Use LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Statistics
  • 9 Types Of LinkedIn Users
  • Different Types Of Posts On LinkedIn
  • Linkedin Posts Creatives and Dimensions
  • LinkedIn Glossary
  • Understanding The Objective Of LinkedIn Profile
  • Creating LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile Seo
  • What Is SSI Score In LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn Profile Preview
  • LinkedIn Profile Views
  • Syncing Email Contacts
  • 15 Ways To Build LinkedIn Connections
  • Filtering & Organising Your Connections
  • Viewing Network Statistics
  • Making 500+ Connections
  • Why you Should Build Audience On LinkedIn
  • Get Started With Understanding YouTube
  • YouTube Basics
  • Branding Your Channel
  • How To Choose Your Equipment?
  • How To Develop Intrigue Ideas?
  • Getting Ready For Your Shoot
  • 10 Fundamentals Of Creative Strategy
  • How To Find Your Niche?
  • Making Videos Like Pro
  • Get Started Shooting On Mobile
  • How To Hook Your Audience With Your Channel Trailer?
  • How To Keep On Evaluating Your YouTube Journey?
  • How To Keep On Making Changes To Our Creatives?
  • Finding Ways To Be More Efficient
  • Reaching a Wider Audience With collaborations
  • How To Frame Your Shots?
  • How To Use Lightning Effectively?
  • How To Record Sound Like Pro?
  • How To Edit Your Videos?
  • How To Add The Best Music To Your Videos?




Digital Marketing Trainer

A Digital Marketing Professional with 5+ years of experience and helping businesses grow, Anish has trained multiple learners from different backgrounds in the marketing field. If being an all-round Digital Marketer isn’t enough, Anish also creates content to help students, freelancers and working professionals to grow in their careers and provides consultations for businesses to grow online with different digital tools.

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Skill Level: Beginner - Advance

Duration: 7 Days

Our Testimonials


Senior Consultant Busy Rooms

I had the privilege of being Anish's student for sometime. What separates him from the rest is sharing his own practical experience while explaining the concepts which makes it very relatable. His classes were never boring and the fun of learning was always there. Answers to our geeky questions were always there and ...

Ramya BN

Academic Counselor

Great trainer who shares valuable knowledge and who also shares thoughtful information which can be understood and implemented by anybody who takes his lecture. i am so grateful that i got an opportunity to take his lecture and build my interest in Digital Marketing Firm. kudos to his great work